lördag 8 augusti 2009

Holidays Swe/Norway

Last Wed I got back from my vacations. I had fantastic 12 days in Sweden and Norway. I flew to Kiruna, met Tania's friend Anna, got a rented car and waited for Tania and her friend Lisa who were supposed to be back from the climbing a glacier course.
Anyway, due to the fact that I had a very short time to change planes in CPH, my bagpack didn't make it to Kiruna!!!! So we had to stay over night there (instead of heading towards Lofoten). The good thing - the girls were more than happy to take shower and refresh a bit. The day after - trip to the airport, picking up my bagpack (sleeping mat didn't make it!!!), meeting some other friends who just came from Göteborg (!), grocery shopping and finally taking off towards Lofoten. Short stop at some friend's place in Abisko, getting maps, tips what to visit etc.

The first night we spent at a beach near Korsnes. In the morning - super fast "bath" in the sea. It was so cold that we had to go out after 2 min in order not to "loose" our feet.... But nice!!!

First hiking trip up the mountains after breakfast. Beautiful.

Fika and then going to take a ferry from Skutvik to Svolvaer. Lofoten here we come!!!

We slept at some quiet places, far away from people. Oatmeal with blueberry soup for breakfast was delicious. Landscapes unforgettable!!!

Here a small village Å:

It was light the whole 24hrs. The sun went down but around 2 it was already up again. A bit hard to sleep in a tent...
From Egkum:

We skipped the whales. Too far to drive.
Instead we enjoyed tons of blueberries and "hjortron" (I think cloudberry in Engl.). Amazing!!!!

We had a really great week, full of adventures. Especially paddling sea kayaks; having a great weather on the way to some islands, then it turned to be a storm. Tough trip back but we made it!!!

Afterwards taking a night train from Kiruna to Göteborg. Then 3 days there. So nice!!!

Now work and counting days until my next holidays at the end of Sept.... ;-)

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Dan sa...

Så otroligt vackert det är där uppe.

Karolina sa...

Och detta är bara några kort. Visst är det super fint?? Hoppas helgen i Varberg var bra.