måndag 7 september 2009

I thought I would manage to have another post in August

I don't get it - how come I cannot get more than 3 posts per month. I mean, of course I understand - if I don't write anything, I won't have it. But still... I think I'm sort of loosing it - to make some updates here. Or there is nothing really to write about. Plus, there is so much that one (or I) is active in: FB, blog, skyping with family and friends, etc etc. It got sort of too much ;-) Another thing is that it is different when you get to new places, new thing happen, new impressions and experiences. But now nothing new has really happened. Daily life. Work. Gym. Meeting some friends. Computer in the evening (but not blogging!). Sleep. Get up. Work. Etc...

This weekend I went however to Hafencity - a new growing area in HH, in the old industry/harbor? part of the city. Nice and fresh. Sort of like the whole Bo01 in Malmö or new Lindholmen buildings in GBG. But ok, in HH there is more infrastructure, cafés, restaurants. Quite nice.
The rest of the weekend - gym, a bit of cleaning, meeting Guillem with Nadia in the playground, painting (ok, yes, that's sort of new or going back to painting again, I think it is my fall-mood getting started).
The weather was almost like in fall. But today it is supposed to be ca 27C and sun!! Wow!

On Fri I'm off to Romania. Back on Mon evening. It's been 1 year since I was there last time. So high time!! :-) Hope the weather will be still nice.
So I can again post some pictures on that blog ;)

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