torsdag 23 april 2009

Again goodbye

This time we said Bye to a colleague from Japan. Hiroko was in our plant only 5 months but still it is weird we have to organize some "good-bye"-get-together. We went for a dinner in Little Italy close to our place. Nice. The evening was nice and warm so we sat outside.
On the picture from the right: Sandra, Dennis, Kazuhiro, Alex, Hiroko, me, Handan.

The last week was really nice. Christer visited us last Fri until Sun, then we had one colleague from work staying at our place 2 nights. Oh yeah! - we got a big inflatable comfortable matrace!!! So now all of you can come and have a king size bed in the guest room!!! (ok the guest room has a touch of a storage room but still! ;-)

Finally got sumer tyres in my car!!!! Whoohoo!

Friday tomorrow. It is supposed to be 23 degrees and sun during the weekend! Yuppi!!! Looking forward!

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