onsdag 15 april 2009

Easter in Poland and summer in Hamburg

We spent Easter holidays in Poland. I decided to show Alex my home town and Tri-city so we left already on Wednesday to Gdynia. On the way to Gdynia we stopped at Gosia's place (my study-time friend) in Lebork.
Thursday was planned for Gdansk and Sopot. We went with my dad to Gdansk quite early and walked around the Old Town. As you can see yourselves it looked quite nice, huh? (ok despite some rain maybe).

We have visited Solidarity Museum and went the Gdansk Shipyard gate. Nice, but as usually a bit touching...
Later on we had super cheap lunch with my dad and then went to Sopot.
We went to Molo of course. The weather got really nice so it was great just to have a bit of summer feeling in Sopot.

One funny twisted house on the walking street in Sopot.

We got back home in the evening and after having a dinner we went with Filip out into some bars in Gdynia. We met Filip's friends, had some beers and shots and had a bit of hangover the day after ;-)

We went to Gdynia to some cafes at the beach. As you can see the weather was still perfect so we spent some hours with coffee in the sun.

We had some fresh pressed juices in Gdynia. Super healthy!

On Saturday we drove to my grandmom's place. I drove my Bubbla, with Alex and Filip as passengers.
Easter was all about eating, taking care of our old dogs, having walks in the park and taking it easy.
This is our blessed food from the church (typical Polish tradition).

And me being a kid again ;-)

It was really nice to have some days off. Trip back went fine and the same evening we met Txell and Thomas (our friends who moved back to Spain but visited Thomas' parents in HH).
Now we still enjoy summer weather and looking forward to the weekend. Christer will visit us!

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