söndag 7 december 2008


So I have started my vacations. Incredible. Since it seems that I'm not going to Göteborg this coming week, and I will stay in Hamburg I need to come up with some activities to do.
Gym and training of course. It may be nicer to do it during the day - not so many people and a better air quality ;-)
Then I plan to go to some museums - so far I've just been to the Art museum and it was also a long time ago...
I may also start a new painting, since the last one was I think more than 1 year ago. Shame!!
Of course I have some books to read.
And then I hope to meet some friends when they are done with work.

Yesterday we met with some friends at Altona Xmas market. We had some gluhwein and schmalzkuchen (so unhealthy and so good!). It was nice that almost everybody was there.

Enjoy the work week! ;-)

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