söndag 3 augusti 2008

New place

Wow! today I can say that the new apartment starts to remind a real place to live and function in. The move took few days; packing and preparing, then Alex, Handan and I moved most of the stuff. Then the whole multi-culti gang helped on the 22nd July.
Then there was a short break when we went to Magda's and Sebastian's wedding. It was beautiful and the party was great! Thanks guys! On top of that we had a wonderful weather so the whole party we were out on the terrace. When I get some pictures you can be sure they will appear here.

(as promised here are some pics):

From the Church:

And the couple at the wedding reception:

I also got some pictures from Megi, one from the wedding, one from karaoke night:

Last Friday I returned the keys to the old place, this weekend we went to IKEA and bought some new lamps and other stuff which was missing in the new flat. Otherwise the weekend was good. We went out with one Mexican colleague on Friday - back home at 4 AM. Then on Saturday we had some beers with two friends - Hans and Sandra (I took care of their rabbit and cat when they were away on vacations 2 weeks ago). Today Alex and I fixed some more stuff in the flat and then he left to Stuttgart.

Here are some pics from the new apartment:

Living room


Guestroom (so everybody who will visit can have her/his room!!)


Alex who was fixing the connection for washing machine

More pictures later on.
Tomorrow a new week is starting. On Friday I'll go to Stuttgart to see a little bit of Schwarzwald and then next Monday - to Göteborg for 1 week!! Yuppi!!!

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