söndag 20 juli 2008

Packing and moving weekend...

Amazing!! I somehow got some free internet connection, at least I can use google and update you what has been happening here.
So it has started - the moving out project. Wow...two days of packing and moving stuff. Alex arrived on Fri evening. By that time Handan helped me with packing kitchen stuff and we were really efficient! On Saturday I continued packing the boxes and Alex was moving them to the other apartment. Then Handan and I were unpacking some stuff. It went quite smoothly with the 3 of us. Then in the evening we went to Gröninger - a beer cellar where they brew their own beer. Yummi! We were celebrated my birthday with some friends. Nice!!!
On Sunday Alex and I moved the rest of the stuff before the final move on Tuesday (the heavy stuff: closets, bed, soffa, washing machine etc). Then he left back to Stuttgart and I cleaned the apartment, windows etc. Again with Handan's help - it went to fast!!
This week will be short since I'm going to Poland on Thu evening. Magda's wedding!! Well we'll probably arrive there around 2 AM so I hope to sleep in as long as possible to be "fresh" for the wedding.
And I saw that the weather will be sunny and around +30 degrees. Yuppi!!!! I can have my summer dress on!!! :-D
Well, right now it is +14, like in fall!!!
Have a good start of the week!

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Anonym sa...

hello KARA , hope to see some pics of your new appartment! Dont know if you know , but eventually we did not fly to States - Sturgis. I got sick and had to go back home...

Anyway, I am gonna send you some pics later. Now I only have from the church - and it is me and Seba. hugs and kisses !