söndag 13 juli 2008

Katia 1 year

Yesterday we celebrated Katia's 1st year (Miguel's and Melody's daughter). We went to the same place where Pedro had his goodbye-grill. I decided to bike and it took me 50 min. Not bad. And it was all the way against wind. We had a mixed weather with sun and rain. So from time to time we had to hide under the trees, covering all the food. But still the grill was great, so was the b.day carrot cake. Yummi!!

Katia got lots of presents, we even succeeded to get different stuff; there were only 2 duplicates (but still the toys varied). Pedro and Paula came from Wolfsburg - she will be going back to Brasil in 3 days so it was a kind of goodbye for her as well :-(

Alex was driving back from Austria but due to 4 heavy traffic jams he couldn't make it on time. He arrived super tired after 8 PM...And he was supposed to drive to Stuttgart today. But I managed to convince him to fly. This way we could meet with the guys for brunch today, which was very nice.

Tomorrow is Monday (again...). But the great news is that Kristin will arrive and stay in Hamburg for some weeks. And she will stay at my place. Alex is in Stuttgart so it's gonna be nice to spend some time with Kristin - we haven't seen each other for 1 year now so lots to talk about.

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