söndag 25 maj 2008

Friends start leaving...

It is getting sad in the multi-culti environment here... Yesterday Txell & Thomas had their Farewell party. This will be their last week in Hamburg, next weekend they move to Barcelona (both of them will be working at our company there). It's been almost 3 years for Txell in Hamburg; for Thomas this will be a new adventure. We will miss you guys!!!
I will add some pictures from their party soon.
I will take over their apartment at the end of June. So soon we have to start packing and preparing for the move. And probably there will be another party in this flat. This time - a house warming one :-)

Pedro (Brasil) will also leave next week. His contract is over and he will start working at VW in Wolfsburg. Pity that Paula (his girl) will go back to Brasil. But Pedro promised to come to HH almost every weekend so we are not going to loose him forever :-)
Here are some photos from the big grill they organized last week.
Of course Pedro with his "thumbs-up", glad gang, and the youngest beer-lover - Katia.

I cannot believe it is already the end of May... Work is OK, little bit hysterical the last week but still OK.
Meg and I still plan to have some holidays in Portugal in June. Hope we will manage to book something this week. It would be great with short vacations.
Next week I'm going to Sweden, will work at ALS on Friday and stay over the weekend in GBG. Yuppi!!!

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