söndag 18 april 2010

Some reflections...

What a week... First the news about this crash of the plane with Polish delegation (incl. the President and his wife) going to celebrate Katyn-incidents 70 years ago. Since I'm not in Poland, I guess it didn't get so much to me, but according to my parents the whole week all TV channels reported nothing but news related to the accident.
Then suddenly Europe gets paralyzed by the volcano eruption on Iceland. I heard some comments from people getting angry at Iceland (like they chose to have this eruption!?). I even saw somewhere this joke:

"WTF Iceland?!? Why did you send us volcanic ash ? Our airspace has shut down. Iceland: What? It's what you asked for isn't it ? Britain: NO! Cash! Cash you dyslexic fuck. CASH! not ASH. Iceland: woooops... There is no C in our alphabet, sorry!"

So, now after 3 days or so, the German and Dutch airlines start making some tests to check whether it is true that planes cannot really fly when there are the ashes in the air. Hmmm... Again some doubts and suspicions raise upp that the airlines try to save some money...I hope not and I hope they know what they are doing. Anyway, I'm glad I don't have to fly anywhere the next weeks.

This weekend we had a great weather! Sunny and today it was really warm. Hope we can start BBQing soon. I finally cleaned my car! It is blue again! :) It's been few months ago it was cleaned the last time and after this heavy winter, it was time to remove salt and sand leftovers. The usual cleaning place was totally occuppied so Monica (who also had to clean her car) and I went to the nearby gasoline station. OK, vacuum cleaners cost 1€ but I think the washer is same same. Glad, we have done it!
Then we went to the park, met Handan and Hamid there. Nice and it felt like summer. Now back home, sitting on the balcony in the sun and blogging here :)

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Życie jest jak pudełko czekoladek … sa...

True and nice reflections - envy this balcony and sun - here is too cold to sit outside.
And the joke - LOL.
I have been home for the past 3 days since Max got sick and maybe tomorrow I will take him for a first walk. Poor baby - but he is better now.
Wish you a great weekend Kara and hope WE SEE US SOON - hugs for ALek.