söndag 11 oktober 2009

China - part 2

We stayed only 1 night in Guilin (the city is not that spectacular), went to one park/garden and then left to a much nicer Yangshou (where everybody else went).

The nature around Yangshou is beautiful - the funny looking hills covered with trees, rivers and rce fields. We took a "bamboo" raft trip on Li River, rented bikes and biked to Moon Hill and chilled out on the roof of our hostel.

From Yangshou and Guilin we went up North again - to Xi'An and Terracota Warriors. From +34 degrees to rain and cold :(
But the Warriors are impressive. We also stayed in a traditional looking hostel.

When we arrived back to XiAn we had a plan of visiting the muslim quarter but there was no way we could get hold on any taxi or bus or whatever means of transportation! We walked for over 1 hour in the rain and at the end took this "riksha" which was a rip of but still took us faster to a dumpling restaurant. Unfortunately we only had time to get our stuff from the hostel and go to the airport to catch the flight back to Beijing.

Back to Beijing felt nice. For Filip it sort of felt like coming back home :)
In the morning we went to the Forbidden City, then to some markets to get some presents, glasses, Chucks (which I never got due to "high" prices), etc.

That was my last day in Beijing. The day after I took off. Due to the fact that I got some awful cold the trip back home wasn't so nice. The pressure in my ears was killing me :( But thanks God I didn't catch anything what could put me in the quarantine in China. The trip was great and full of surprises. Still many places to be seen. Some other time. Just hope that people will start taking care of the external environment - otherwise there is not much to be seen over there...