söndag 11 oktober 2009

China - part 1

I don't know how I can manage to update this blog after two weeks in China. The good thing is that I kept a paper version of blog - the old school diary. But it is too much to write here so I'm just gonna write a little and place only some pictures (out of 700 or 800 which I have...). To see more pics - check out on Facebook.

Two weeks passed fast but there was so much impressions and experiences. Amazing country! Amazing culture and less amazing land of copies at present. Friendly people. Good food. Pollution. Trees are really not green. A combination of 100 different scents/smells on the streets. Bikes and super expensive cars on the streets. 1,5 billion people on holidays at the same time. I hate crowds!!!!

Trip started at Filip's place in Beijing. All the musts have been done: Lama Temple, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen (almost totally closed due to the 60th's year celebration of the Republic), the Great Wall, markets, Forbidden City etc. I'm a bit disappointed cause I didn't eat Beijing duck - oh well...
After a few days in Beijing, I had an "appetizer" of Chinese turists who had holidays. Plus the celebrations of 60 years of the Republic didn't make the things easier. Crowds all over, closed areas etc.
I had a few days with Filip's friend Mathias who was also at Filip's place. We went to Lama Temple, Temple of Heaven, visited some hutongs - old, genuine districts with small streets, the Great Wall.

Then we took a night train to Shanghai (on soft chairs, 10 hrs long trip). Check out the crowd at Beijing train station (Chinese people started their national holidays):

We stayed at a very nice hostel - Blue Mountain Hostel. The first day wasn't so nice due to the weather. It was pouring rain so much that our new umbrellas which we got there didn't resist. We met Ola and Kuba (Filip's friends from Gdynia) there. Shanghi is cool but Lonely Planet tips couldn't be seen due to the fact that Shanghai is Expo 2010 host and right now there is a lot of construction places all over and no access for people. Great...

A very nice and cozy district - within the French Quarter:

From Shanghai Filip and I went to Guilin in the South.
Took Maglev (magnetic train with speed of 400 km/hr) to the airport:

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