söndag 5 juli 2009


Last weekend we had a nice grill with the friends. However, the weather wasn't so nice as you can see below:

Anyway we spent the whole day in this playground.

And then the whole week we had summer. The average temp. was around 28C. Amazing!!! sooo hard to sit at work... I had big plans to go to the coast during this weekend. And guess what? Saturday there was no sun at all and the last thing I wanted to do was swimming in the sea. Anyway we were with Handan and Hamid in Laboe - next to Kiel. A really nice place. Would have been even better if the weather had been nicer. Oh well. Pictures will follow later on.

Today I went to a park and wanted to get a bit of tan. Well, I sort of burned my legs. Hmmm... didn't expect it.

In 3 weeks I have vacations!!! Yuppi! Gotta check the weather forecast in the Northern Norway.

Tomorrow a new week. Hopefully not so hot.

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