måndag 16 februari 2009

Weekend in Prague

On Friday the 13th I flew to Prague. I worried a bit since in the morning there was quite heavy snow storm in HH (until noon). So I was sure that if I manage to fly there will be delays etc. But thanks God the snow melted and there were no issues...
When I got off the airport-bus it turned out that Alex was already somewhere in Prague and we met him with Ales in front of the door. Good time planning! ;-)
Friday evening we spent on talking talking talking, had some beers and a bite of food. Lisa and Ales have a really nice apartment right behind the castle. On Saturday after breakfast Alex and I went to the city. We started with a monastery's square and Miniaure museum. Cool! Amazing stuff!!! Check out the camels made on a needle.

Afterwards we went towards the castle. It was a sunny but cold day but still nice to explore Prague in winter.

Then from the castle we took stairs to the Charles Bridge. Some renovations are going on but it was no problem to walk on the bridge since it wasn't sooooo crowded.

Then we went to the Old Town's Square, had a fika and walked around on the small cute streets. Waiting for Ales and Lisa to join us after their "buying-furniture-project".

When they joined us we had a late lunch in a quite nice restaurant (Duck's feet or something like that). Here you can see Ales "teaching" Estelle to drink beer ;-)

Then we walked a bit more and headed towards home.

We had some wines and ordered "Mexican" food. There was quite much talking about work but we tried to avoid the subject ;-)

On Sunday we went to the castle, saw the guard changing at midday. Then had coffee in a really cosy café close to the castle.

Then unfortunately we had to walk back home since Alex wanted to drive early to Poland and I had my flight in the afternoon.
The weekend was great! Thanks Lisa and Ales!
On the way back we had some delay due to snow chaos (both Alex when driving and me flying). And as usual, as they always say when you land with Lufthansa, this time was the same: Goodbye, Take care und Aufwiedersehen! Grrrrr!! ;-)))

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